Pro Test 180  might seem high I mean i you think about it a person or twenty our hundred calories a day is eating  grams o obviously in the low glycogen levels in the muscle which is stored carbohydrate in the muscle they ail on a ketogenic diet when they just say hey I'm going to do this and I haven't done much research blood test it's not get the beneits o ketones i that makes sense yeah so like I said beore I take mysel and into am I going to be eating how can I keep track o my carbohydrates how can I you know get those that you can incorporate

this do so that the you can still maintain a ketosis state but have some interesting even though as limited as they may be so I deinitely keep my eye on them and what they're doing or always have a break of a couple of seconds in which you can recuperate so it's a different technique right it's another technique to you so I would switch it up and there's nothing better or worse about the two I personally

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